The Iron is Hot

As Carnegie's newest divsion, launched in January 2022, we are all working together as a team to shape our collective vision of the research frontiers that our collaborative, interdisciplinary approach will advance.

This effort will encompass the previously announced integration of our departments for developmental biology research, ecology, and plant sciences into a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program, which will be housed at a new state-of-the-art facility to be constructed in Pasadena. We are also in the process of strengthening Carnegie’s historical relationship with Caltech and other Southern California universities and research organizations.

Although we have a lot of work ahead of us, we also have limitless opportunities for intellectual growth and for thought leadership about a new, unified approach to studying the natural world.
Desert landscape

Our History

We are built on an incredible foundation of scientific excellence. Carnegie researchers have played a foundational role in establishing new fields and advancing our knowledge of the natural world on a scale that spans from the molecular to the global and encompasses everything in between. 

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Artist's concept of new Pasadena facility courtesy of HOK.

Our Path to Pasadena

In 2020, Carnegie decided to bring together its developmental biology, ecology, and plant science research efforts into a unified, interdisciplinary division where our experts will study the natural world at every scale. Learn about our vision and planned new facility in Pasadena, adjacent to the Caltech campus. 

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Social hour at the inaugural BSE retreat in Pasadena.

Our Culture

Across our research sites, we strive to foster collegiality, intellectual curiosity, and opportunities for professional growth. We know that work-life balance is crucial for professional success and encourage social activities from table tennis tournaments to courtyard jam sessions. 


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