Neda Fakhimi received a joint Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering-Biotechnology and Biosciences from University of Cordoba and University of Tehran in October 2019.

Her Ph.D. research focused on understanding algae-bacteria interactions and how their metabolisms impact each other. Based on this information she tried to develop efficient synthetic consortia including the microalga, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, and different bacteria for wastewater bioremediation and biofuel (bio-hydrogen) production. She really enjoys integrating knowledge in multidisciplinary projects.

At Carnegie, in Arthur Grossman and Devaki Bhaya’s labs, she is trying to explore the mechanisms by which microalga (Chlamydomonas) copes with its often challenging surroundings, the network of intracellular interactions to sustain survival and how the information obtained in these studies can potentially be used to engineer organisms in ways that allow them to better deal with their dynamic environments.

Outside of lab she enjoys reading books and walking in nature.