Pearse Buchanan is an oceanographer who is interested in biogeochemical cycles. With a background in biology, he focuses on the interactions between microbes and their physical/chemical environment. He is particularly interested in better understanding the nitrogen cycle with an aim predict (i) its availability for photosynthetic algae and (ii) its role for nitrous oxide production in the coming decades and centuries.

Pearse grew up on the Western Australian coast and spent formative years snorkelling its reefs. This motivated him to pursue a career in marine science, which he began at the University of Tasmania. He obtained his doctorate at the same university as part of their Quantitative Marine Science program in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Following this, Pearse undertook research at Princeton University on an Australian Fulbright Fellowship and at the University of Liverpool, UK, as a postdoctoral fellow.

He enjoys surfing badly and salsa dancing