Watch: Quality Control in Biology (2021 Mini-Symposium)

Watch the 35th annual Department of Embryology Mini-Symposium.
2021 Minisymposium

June, 2021Now on YouTube: Our 35th annual Mini-Symposium, 'Quality Control in Biology: From Cellular Systems to Ecosystems.'

At the Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Embryology, we study biology across a vast scale — from individual molecules to the whole organism. One constant at all levels is the need to perform quality control functions to ensure proper physiology. 

35th annual Mini-Symposium, held virtually via Zoom on June 3, 2021, explored these mechanisms by highlighting the work of nine remarkable scientists:
  • Dr. Joshua Rosenthal (Marine Biological Laboratory) – Rewriting the cephalopod neural transcriptome by editing mRNAs
  • Dr. Micha Rapé (UC Berkeley) – Mitochondrial stress signaling in development and disease
  • Dr. Patrick Lusk (Yale) – Protecting the integrity of the nuclear compartment
  • Dr. Elçin Ünal (UC Berkeley) – Nuclear Pore Complex Modularity in Meiosis: Regulatory Mechanisms & Possible Functions
  • Video Unavailable: Dr. Jennifer Zallen (Sloan Kettering Institute) – Signals, forces, and cells: Decoding tissue morphogenesis
  • Video Unavailable: Dr. Amy Shyer (Rockefeller University) – Skin cells generate supracellular order through dynamic cell-matrix feedback
  • Dr. Joel Sachs (UC Riverside) – Host plant control and sanctioning of ineffective symbionts
  • Dr. Mark Mandel (University of Wisconsin–Madison) – Establishment of a specific animal microbiome

Watch on YouTube: Quality Control in Biology



2021 Postdoc/Graduate Symposium Committee:

  • Yun Bai, PhD
  • Ross Pedersen, PhD
  • Haolong Zhu