Joe Berry’s work is focused on photosynthesis and associated processes (exchange of gases, fluorescence, remote sensing, ecophysiology) at a hierarchy of scales from the chloroplasts to the planet. His goal is to distill this information into equations that can be used in models to represent these processes in the complex webs of interacting processes that comprise the Biosphere of planet Earth. The focus is on understanding and representing the fundamental mechanisms so that our models give the right behavior and also help us understand why. Dr. Berry had been a faculty member at the Carnegie Institution since 1972 and is a member by Courtesy of the Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1970 at the University of British Columbia in Botany. He obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a M.Sc. in Soil Science from the University of California at Davis. He is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.


Recent Publications