From Genomes to Ecosystems

In 2020, Carnegie decided to bring together its developmental biology, ecology, and plant science research efforts into a unified, interdisciplinary division where our experts will study the natural world at every scale, from the molecular to the global. This groundbreaking work will occur in a planned state-of-the-art research facility in Pasadena. Until this new building is completed, our experts will remain geographically dispersed, but our scientific vision is unified.

The Path to Pasadena

Pasadena sign

Carnegie announces that the Departments Global Ecology and Plant Biology will relocate from Stanford to Pasadena as part of an enhanced alliance with Caltech and and effort to make a decisive impact in climate research.

Artist's concept of Pasadena building courtesy HOK.

Carnegie convenes Building Committee to evaluate needs for new facility in Pasadena.

A bridge in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The search for the new division director is launched. 

Palm trees in front of the San Gabriel Mountains

Carnegie determines that the Department of Embryology will also relocate to a new facility in Pasadena that house an integrated, interdisciplinary division for life and environmental sciences, further strengthening our partnership with Caltech.

Margaret McFall-Ngai named inaugural Director of Carnegie’s new division for integrated life and environmental sciences.

Timeline to Pasadena

Biosphere Sciences and Engineering selected as the name for Carnegie’s newly launched division for a genomes-to-ecosystems approach to the biological sciences.

Stephanie Hampton

Stephanie Hampton joins Institution as Deputy Director of Carnegie's Division of Biosphere Sciences and Engineering.

BSE faculty come together on the Caltech campus for inaugural retreat.

Inaugural BSE retreat brings Staff Scientists, Staff Associates and others together in Pasadena to discuss the research vision and goals.

Where to Find Us Now